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Recently published by Marsden History Group:

Seidel, Hazel (2013) Laithes and Looms, Cows and Combstocks: A study of life of life in Marsden between 1655 and 1855 based on the probate documents of Marsden Manorial Court, Marsden History Group, ISBN 978-0-957717536

Price £7.00 and available direct from Marsden History Group (see Links), from Marsden Library and Information Centre, or by ordering from your local bookshop.

This book is based on new research on the probate documents of Marsden Manorial Court, a source which has been little explored. It sets out to describe what these documents reveal about everyday life in Marsden, West Yorkshire, over the two centuries between 1655 and 1855. There are chapters on work (farming, textiles, crafts and trade), housing and domestic life, families and inheritance, the position of women, religion and education, and burials. There are many illustrations. This book should appeal to those interested in the local history of Marsden and of the South Pennine region, to those whose ancestors came from Marsden, and to anybody who knows and loves the village.