Settlement history of the Upper Calder Valley

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This website presents research on the history of named settlements in the Upper Calder Valley area of the parish of Halifax in West Yorkshire, England. The area consists of the townships of:

  • Sowerby
  • Erringden
  • Langfield
  • Stansfield
  • Heptonstall
  • Wadsworth
  • Midgley
  • Warley


These administrative areas predate the civil parishes and their boundaries are marked on the township map. The research was undertaken by Nigel Smith between 2009 and 2013 as part of a PhD study into settlement and field patterns in the Upper Calder Valley.[1] The study collated information from a number of published and unpublished sources on the date when a named settlement was first mentioned in surviving documentation. These sources are detailed here. The animated map above indicates the numbers and locations of settlements so recorded at particular points in time. The Searchable Maps and Data page provides more detailed information on each settlement including showing its position on the modern Ordnance Survey map and a satellite image from Google Earth. For the township of Stansfield, this was supplemented by information derived from the first extant local valuation list, which was in 1805. This list provides very detailed information on the various fields, cottages and other property comprising each settlement. It is hoped that it will be possible to add further valuation information for other townships in due course.

The website was funded as part of a LEADER project undertaken by the South Pennine History Group and was created under the auspices of Hebden Bridge Local History Society. Website design was by Tom Sapey of digitalnavvies. If you have any corrections or further information that you would like to have considered for addition to this website, please use the contact form.

[1] N. Smith, Settlement and field patterns  in the South Pennines: a critique of morphological approaches to landscape history in upland environments, unpublished PhD thesis, Lancaster University, 2013.